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Phantom-Evasion : Python AV Evasion Tool Capable to Generate FUD Executable...

Phantom-Evasion is an interactive antivirus evasion tool written in python capable to generate (almost) FUD executable even with the most ...

Kaboom : Script That Automates The Penetration Test

Kaboom is a script that automates the penetration test. It performs several tasks for each phases of pentest: Information...

H8mail – Email OSINT And Password Breach Hunting

Email OSINT and password breach hunting. Use h8mail to find passwords through different breach and reconnaissance services, or the infamous...

Trape – Learn To Track The World & To Avoid Being...

Trape is a recognition tool that allows you to track people, the information you can get is very detailed. Also as large Internet companies...

IP-Biter : The Hacker-friendly E-Mail Tracking Framework

IP-Biter is an open source, easy to deploy, tracking framework that generate high configurable and unique tracking images and links to embed in e-mails,...
CommandoVM : A Fully Customizable Windows-Based Pentesting Virtual Machine Distribution

CommandoVM : A Fully Customizable Windows-Based Pentesting Virtual Machine Distribution

Welcome to CommandoVM a fully customizable, Windows-based security distribution for penetration testing and red teaming. Installation

RapidRepoPull : Quickly Pull & Install Repos from its List

RapidRepoPull goal is to quickly pull and install repos from its list. This program uses Python to clone/maintain multiple security related repos...

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