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Computer Science Extended Essays: 5 Sources to Get Writing Tips From

The success of any writing assignment is strongly dependent on its discipline. Thus, many students find computer science utterly complicated. There are many things to...
SecurityNotFound : 404 Page Not Found Webshell

SecurityNotFound : 404 Page Not Found Webshell

Clone or download the project: git clone SecurityNotFoundcd SecurityNotFound Installation

Yersinia for Layer 2 – Vulnerability Analysis & DHCP Starvation Attack

Yersinia is a network tool designed to take advantage of some weakness in different network protocols. It pretends to be a solid framework for...

Metateta – Automated Tool For Scanning And Exploiting Network Protocols

Metateta is an automated tool for scanning and exploiting network protocols using metasploit and for faster pen testing for large networks. Network protocols are...

URH : Universal Radio Hacker To Investigate Wireless Protocols Like A...

URH (Universal Radio Hacker) is a software for investigating unknown wireless protocols. Features include Hardware Interfaces for common Software Defined Radios Easy Demodulation of...
Youzer : Fake User Generator For Active Directory Environments

Youzer : Fake User Generator For Active Directory Environments

Fake User Generator for Active Directory Environments. The goal of Youzer is to create information rich Active Directory environments. This uses the python3...

ADAPT : Tool That Performs Automated Penetration Testing for WebApps

ADAPT is a tool that performs Automated Dynamic Application Penetration Testing for web applications. It is designed to increase accuracy, speed,...