Tishna : Automated Web Application Hacker 2020

Tishna : Automated Web Application Hacker 2020

Tishna is an complete Automated pentest framework for Servers, Application Layer to Web Security. This software have 62 Options with full automation and can be use for web security swiss knife.

  • Tishna is Web Server Security Penetration Software for Ultimate Security Analaysis
  • Kali, Parrot OS, Black Arch, Termux, Android Led TV

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Brief Introduction

  • Tishna is useful in Banks, Private Organisations and Ethical hacker personnel for legal auditing.
  • It serves as a defense method to find as much as information possible for gaining unauthorised access and intrusion.
  • With the emergence of more advanced technology, cybercriminals have also found more ways to get into the system of many organizations.
  • Tishna software can audit, servers and web behaviour.
  • Tishna can perform Scanning & Enumeration as much as possible of target.
  • It’s first step to stop cyber criminals by securing your Servers and Web Application Security.
  • Tishna is false positive free, when there is something it will show no matter what, if it is not, it will give blank results rather error.

Kali Installation

git clone https://github.com/haroonawanofficial/Tishna.git
cd Tishna
sudo chmod u+x *.sh

Tishna will integrate as system software. Dependencies will be handled automatically. Third party software(s)/dependencies/modules will be handled automatically.