Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Custom E-commerce Website in 2020

If you are looking to develop an e-commerce project, you must define if you need a ready-made or tailor-made website. Although such widespread e-commerce platforms as BigCommerce or Magento offer many benefits, {find it out at} they would not suit all businesses. However you should invest more resources in custom solutions, they pay off thanks to better customization, optimization, scalability and reliability. 

Let’s review the top 5 reasons why you need custom e-commerce software development. This article will help you understand how a tailor-made solution for your online store overbalanced working with an existing platform.

Google and other search engines now rank a website’s mobile responsiveness as a factor, therefore it’s important to develop a great UX design that can be easily achieved using these tried and tested website builders or by simply using a decent CMS like WordPress.

1. Your Selling Items Are Customizable

If you are looking to enable online buyers to customize the items they purchase, display such diversity through your tailor-made site. Let’s review a widespread option with a clothing shop. It lets buyers choose clothing design and color where the price depends on the complexity of the selected variables. In its turn, a ready-made e-commerce solution can not offer all the desired options. So, building an e-commerce website will allow you to handle even the most difficult orders and provide complete solutions for your potential customers.

2. Your Shipping Options Are Customer-Oriented

Since your webshop provides a rich assortment of selling items, you will encounter different shipping issues. Moreover, buyers prefer different delivery methods. For some, it is more convenient for the courier to deliver the goods to the house, whereas others prefer to receive a parcel by post. Consider that you will have to deal with customs if you provide worldwide shipping. An e-commerce website development allows you to independently control all work processes and be confident in your reliability.

3. Your Field of Work Has Peculiarities

You must for sure have conditions in your work that must be followed. If you sell fragile goods you must ensure proper and reliable packaging. This is necessary so that the product arrives at its destination intact. Also, you should consider the conditions of the carriers. If you are engaged in international delivery, bear in mind that each country has its permits. Creating your e-commerce site would be a good choice because it will facilitate control of both delivery and carrier issues.

4. Your Shipping is Multi-Vendor

As for shipping, a tailor-made website enables you to cooperate with several sellers. If you work with many providers of selling objects, you will require many carriers as well. Also, the shipping options will differ from one vendor to another. Some of them have their production at home and, accordingly, will prefer using the nearest delivery service. Other sellers will fancy working with another delivery service since they have loyal customer cards there, as well as some discounts. This way, if you opt for a ready-made website, you may reduce either your vendors’ or shoppers’ convenience.

5. Your Buyers Are Worth More Perks

A ready-made platform might comprise options of promo codes, though the choice may be meager. Thus, you enable your buyers to apply the code only to the exact goods, while for other products it will not be valid. Accordingly, you become a hostage of the conditions that the platform you are using dictates. Most likely you understand that customer loyalty can be earned through the provision of benefits for them. In its turn, a custom solution will permit you to create as many regulations as you wish.


Before you have had a big business with specialized requirements, you will probably use a ready-made e-commerce site for your business. When your income gets larger, you will need a website with somewhat rich functionality. If your wishes match the ones we have reviewed, then out-of-the-box solutions are not for you.

Now, when you know the main advantages of custom e-commerce software development, define your budget and requirements for the project based on your business model. You can be sure that your business will grow as you provide top-notch customization.