Top 9 Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands in 2020

Top 9 Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands in 2020

Not everyone is blessed with big fat palms. Some gamers do have petite figure and matching petite hands.

Now when it comes to gaming venture, the Razer gaming mouse is known to have multiple buttons not just on the top but on sides too. So, if you have a small hand and operating an average size mouse, chances are high you will be missing out some buttons and end up losing crucial games as well. 

The market has you covered for it as well. So, if you do have small hands, there are top 9 perfectly matching gaming mice available in 2020, designed for petite hands.

Known for its advanced gaming sensor for a perfect competitive play, this G Pro gaming FPS mouse from Logitech is a perfect help for those with small hands. It is just 4.6 inches in height with 1.9lb of weight.

So, it is a perfect delivery for those with petite hands. This device is known to operate on Pixart PMW3366 Optical Sensor and available with an awesome DPI range between 200 and 12000. There are 6 programmable buttons available with onboard memory.

With 8000 DPI and Backlit red light, this Corsair KATAR Gaming Mouse is a game changing option for the ones with smaller hands. It measures at 4.36 inches, making it a great fit for all. The product weight as around 1.9 pounds and known for its textured rubber grips. With 1000 Hz polling rate and Default Pro Player setting, you have it all under one roof.

Another small gaming mouse from Logitech, this product has its own sets of promising features. With 4.9 inches in length and just 0.4lb in weight, this mouse is not just light in weight but also comes in its compact design.

This amazing item from Corsair will measure at 4.8 inches in length and it is lighter in weight at around 0.3lbs. It comprises of 16000 DPI as Optical sensor and with 12 programmable buttons to try out.

If you are looking for the Esports Gaming mouse, RazerDeathAdder Elite Mechanical is the one for you to consider. It comes in a length of 2.9 inches and weighs around 0.3 lbs. The mouse is smaller in size, light weight and with a comfortable touch to it.

Even though BenQZowie EC2-A E-Sports is a medium sized mouse, but the 4.7 inches length can easily match the smaller versions of some other brands. It is ergonomically designed and with 3 levels polling rate at around 1000 Hz. It comes with 16 steps of scroll wheels.

For the ultimate RGB MMO gaming mouse, Razer Naga Chroma is the name that comes right at the top of the list. You will enjoy wide spectrum of colors while using this mouse and now can enjoy some late night MMO games. It comprises of 16.8 million colorful options and the size is perfect for those with smaller hands for sure. There are 19 programmable buttons available with 1000 Hz based polling rate.

With just 3 inches of length, this TeckNet Wired Gaming Mouse is the smallest of all the available options considered. The right hand design comes with textured side grip for long lasting gaming help. There are 7 DPI levels and with 8 programmable buttons to consider. You can’t ignore the 16.8 million RGB options available right at your service.

This Chroma enabled RGB ambidextrous gaming mouse is the perfect option for those with smaller hands, if you are planning to try out one Razer gaming mouse. It is lightest mouse of the lot, standing at 0.09lb and available in 4.9 inches size. It is one of the smaller gaming mice from Razer and known for its 7 programmable buttons and 16,000 DPI laser Sensor.

You can try out any one of these 9 options and enjoy gaming like never before. So, just because you have small hands, that does not mean you can’t win over some big battles right now!