Mozilla is propelling a Two Step Authentication process for supporting Firefox accounts. The authentication framework utilizes Firefox Sync usefulness to secure the synchronization of bookmarks, passwords, open labels, and other data between devices.

As per Mozilla build Vijay Budhram, this component is continuously being elevated to clients and it did not depend on SMS code.

Rather, the framework utilizes verification code created by standard TOTP (time-based one-time secret key) applications and services, such as Authy, Duo, Google Authenticator, and so on.

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With the presentation of features, Firefox clients can check their record inclinations in the coming weeks and empower it when it is accessible.

In addition, the user can skip the wait and enable Two Step Authentication immediately by accessing:

At the point when clients enable support for Two Step Authentication, they additionally get an arrangement of recovery codes on the off chance that they lose access to the TOTP benefit. Clients should keep these codes in a protected place (online or offline) to utilize them in a crisis to recapture access to their records.

After 2FA help is empowered, each time a client sign in to their Firefox account, they should enter the username and secret key in the initial step, and the security code produced by the TOTP benefit in the second step.

Since Firefox accounts store very sensitive data, (such as passwords), it is exceptionally suggested that clients turn on quickly when their record’s inclinations are accessible.