UBoat HTTP is a POC HTTP Botnet designed to replicate a full weaponized commercial botnet.

UBoat Uses

  • Coded in C++ with no dependencies
  • Encrypted C&C Communications
  • Persistence to prevent your control being lost
  • Connection Redundancy (Uses a fallback server address or domain )
  • DDoS methods (TCP & UDP Flood)
  • Task Creation System ( Altering system HWID,Country,IP,OS.System )
  • Remote Commands
  • Update and Uninstall other malware
  • Download and Execute other malware
  • Active as well as Passive Keylogger
  • Enable Windows RDP
  • Plugin system for easy feature updates


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Bot Compilation

Change the URL’s in gate.h including the fallback domain if you are intending to use it

Panel Setup

Installation :

  • Install lamp in unix / Xampp in Win Boxes
  • You need PHP 7.0 strictly don’t complain later
  • Install PMA because we are lazy ( thank me later )

Database Config :

  • Make a database named ‘uboat’
  • Rename uboat.sql located in /Panel/uboat.sql to uboat.sql.zip
  • Now import uboat.sql.zip in PhpMyAdmin to the database uboat you created

Panel Config :

  • Locate /Panel/private/config/config.php
  • Now edit it the url localhost/PHP/ with your C2 host url

** now look for the keyword “db” **

  1. username :- your mysql user
  2. password :- your mysql password
  3. host :- leave it as it is
  4. dbname :- It’s the database you created earlier remember ” uboat ” ?

Login Config :

Now choose a user/password credential for the login

  • Say for example :-
  1. user :- root
  2. password :- root Kay ?
  • For generating the password locate to /Panel/test.php

You can change the keyword root to your desired password We are using root since we chose to here :p

You are almost done !!

  • Now open PhpMyAdmin and locate the table user in database you created uboat
  • Change the hash in the password column

** Yay everything done **

Once you login you’ll get something like this

https://github.com/1N3/ReverseAPKCredit : Souhardya Sardar, Tuhinshubhra & Team Virtually Unvoid Defensive