WAF-Buster : Disrupt WAF by abusing SSL/TLS Ciphers

WAF-buster tool was created to Analyze the ciphers that are supported by the Web application firewall being used at the web server end. It works by first triggering SslScan to look for all the supported ciphers during SSL/TLS negotiation with the web server.After getting the text file of all the supported ciphers, then we use Curl to query web server with each and every Cipher to check which of the ciphers are unsupported by WAF and supported by Web server , if any such Cipher is found then a message is displayed that “Firewall is bypassed”.

WAF-Buster Installation

git clone https://github.com/viperbluff/WAF_buster.git


Open terminal
python2 WAF_buster.py --input


Credit : Sahil Tikoo