URLextractor is a tool for Information Gathering & Website Reconnaissance. Following are some of the features of this tool;

  • IP and hosting info like city and country (using FreegeoIP)
  • DNS servers (using dig)
  • ASN, Network range, ISP name (using RISwhois)
  • Load balancer test
  • Whois for abuse mail (using Spamcop)
  • PAC (Proxy Auto Configuration) file
  • Compares hashes to diff code
  • robots.txt (recursively looking for hidden stuff)
  • Source code (looking for passwords and users)
  • External links (frames from other websites)
  • Directory FUZZ (like Dirbuster and Wfuzz – using Dirbuster) directory list)
  • URLvoid API – checks Google page rank, Alexa rank and possible blacklists
  • Provides useful links at other websites to correlate with IP/ASN
  • Option to open ALL results in browser at the end

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./extractor http://www.hackthissite.org/


  • Colorex: put colors to the ouput pip install colorex and use it like ./extractor http://www.hackthissite.org/ | colorex -g "INFO" -r "ALERT"
  • Tldextract: is used by dnsenumeration function pip install tldextract

Changelog to version 0.2.0:

  • [Fix] Changed GeoIP from freegeoip to ip-api
  • [Fix/Improvement] Remove duplicates from robots.txt
  • [Improvement] Better whois abuse contacts (abuse.net)
  • [Improvement] Top passwords collection added to sourcecode checking
  • [New feature] Firt run verification to install dependencies if need
  • [New feature] Log file
  • [New feature] Check for hostname on log file
  • [New feature] Check if hostname is listed on Spamaus Domain Blacklist
  • [New feature] Run a quick dnsenumeration with common server names

Changelog to version 0.1.9:

  • Abuse mail using lynx istead of curl
  • Target server name parsing fixed
  • More verbose about HTTP codes and directory discovery
  • MD5 collection for IP fixed
  • Links found now show unique URLs from array
  • [New feature] Google results
  • [New feature] Bing IP check for other hosts/vhosts
  • [New feature] Opened ports from Shodan
  • [New feature] VirusTotal information about IP
  • [New feature] Alexa Rank information about $TARGET_HOST


Tested on Kali light mini AND OSX 10.11.3 with brew

sudo apt-get install bc curl dnsutils libxml2-utils whois md5sha1sum lynx openssl -y

Configuration file:

CURL_TIMEOUT=15 #timeout in –connect-timeout
CURL_UA=Mozilla #user-agent (keep it simple)
INTERNAL=NO #YES OR NO (show internal network info)
URLVOID_KEY=your_API_key #using API from http://www.urlvoid.com/
FUZZ_LIMIT=10 #how many lines it will read from fuzz file
OPEN_TARGET_URLS=NO #open found URLs at the end of script
OPEN_EXTERNAL_LINKS=NO #open external links (frames) at the end of script
FIRST_TIME=YES #if first time check for dependecies