WebCopilot is an automation tool designed to enumerate subdomains of the target and detect bugs using different open-source tools.

The script first enumerate all the subdomains of the given target domain using assetfinder, sublister, subfinder, amass, findomain, hackertarget, riddler and crt then do active subdomain enumeration using gobuster from SecLists wordlist then filters out all the live subdomains using dnsx then it extract titles of the subdomains using httpx & scans for subdomain takeover using subjack.

Then it uses gauplus & waybackurls to crawl all the endpoints of the given subdomains then it use gf patterns to filters out xss, lfi, ssrf, sqli, open redirect & rce parameters from that given subdomains, and then it scans for vulnerabilities on the subdomains using different open-source tools (like kxss, dalfox, openredirex, nuclei, etc).

Then it’ll print out the result of the scan and save all the output in a specified directory.



g!2m0:~ webcopilot -h
                                                      [●] @h4r5h1t.hrs | G!2m0

webcopilot -d <target>
webcopilot -d <target> -s
webcopilot [-d target] [-o output destination] [-t threads] [-b blind server URL] [-x exclude domains]

  -d        Add your target [Requried]
  -o        To save outputs in folder [Default: domain.com]
  -t        Number of threads [Default: 100]
  -b        Add your server for BXSS [Default: False]
  -x        Exclude out of scope domains [Default: False]
  -s        Run only Subdomain Enumeration [Default: False]
  -h        Show this help message

Example: webcopilot  -d domain.com -o domain -t 333 -x exclude.txt -b testServer.xss
Use https://xsshunter.com/ or https://interact.projectdiscovery.io/ to get your server

Installing WebCopilot

WebCopilot requires git to install successfully. Run the following command as a root to install webcopilot

git clone https://github.com/h4r5h1t/webcopilot && cd webcopilot/ && chmod +x webcopilot install.sh && mv webcopilot /usr/bin/ && ./install.sh

Tools Used:

SubFinder • Sublist3r • Findomain • gf • OpenRedireX • dnsx • sqlmap • gobuster • assetfinder • httpx • kxss • qsreplace • Nuclei • dalfox • anew • jq • aquatone • urldedupe • Amass • gauplus • waybackurls • crlfuzz

Running WebCopilot

To run the tool on a target, just use the following command.

g!2m0:~ webcopilot -d bugcrowd.com

The -o command can be used to specify an output dir.

g!2m0:~ webcopilot -d bugcrowd.com -o bugcrowd

The -s command can be used for only subdomain enumerations (Active + Passive and also get title & screenshots).

g!2m0:~ webcopilot -d bugcrowd.com -o bugcrowd -s 

The -t command can be used to add thrads to your scan for faster result.

g!2m0:~ webcopilot -d bugcrowd.com -o bugcrowd -t 333 

The -b command can be used for blind xss (OOB), you can get your server from xsshunter or interact

g!2m0:~ webcopilot -d bugcrowd.com -o bugcrowd -t 333 -b testServer.xss

The -x command can be used to exclude out of scope domains.

g!2m0:~ echo out.bugcrowd.com > excludeDomain.txt
g!2m0:~ webcopilot -d bugcrowd.com -o bugcrowd -t 333 -x excludeDomain.txt -b testServer.xss


Default options looks like this:

g!2m0:~ webcopilot -d bugcrowd.com - bugcrowd
                                                      [●] @h4r5h1t.hrs | G!2m0

[❌] Warning: Use with caution. You are responsible for your own actions.
[❌] Developers assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage cause by this tool.

Target:  bugcrowd.com
Output:  /home/gizmo/targets/bugcrowd
Threads: 100
Server:  False
Exclude: False
Mode:    Running all Enumeration
Time:    30-08-2021 15:10:00

[!] Please wait while scanning...

[●] Subdomain Scanning is in progress: Scanning subdomains of bugcrowd.com
[●] Subdomain Scanned  -  [assetfinder✔]                 Subdomain Found: 34
[●] Subdomain Scanned  -  [sublist3r✔]                   Subdomain Found: 29
[●] Subdomain Scanned  -  [subfinder✔]                   Subdomain Found: 54
[●] Subdomain Scanned  -  [amass✔]                       Subdomain Found: 43
[●] Subdomain Scanned  -  [findomain✔]                   Subdomain Found: 27

[●] Active Subdomain Scanning is in progress:
[!] Please be patient. This may take a while...
[●] Active Subdomain Scanned  -  [gobuster✔]             Subdomain Found: 11
[●] Active Subdomain Scanned  -  [amass✔]                Subdomain Found: 0

[●] Subdomain Scanning: Filtering out of scope subdomains
[●] Subdomain Scanning: Filtering Alive subdomains
[●] Subdomain Scanning: Getting titles of valid subdomains
[●] Visual inspection of Subdomains is completed.        Check: /subdomains/aquatone/

[●] Scanning Completed for Subdomains of bugcrowd.com    Total: 43 | Alive: 30

[●] Endpoints Scanning Completed for Subdomains of bugcrowd.com  Total: 11032
[●] Vulnerabilities Scanning is in progress: Getting all vulnerabilities of bugcrowd.com
[●] Vulnerabilities Scanned  -  [XSS✔]                   Found: 0
[●] Vulnerabilities Scanned  -  [SQLi✔]                  Found: 0
[●] Vulnerabilities Scanned  -  [LFI✔]                   Found: 0
[●] Vulnerabilities Scanned  -  [CRLF✔]                  Found: 0
[●] Vulnerabilities Scanned  -  [SSRF✔]                  Found: 0
[●] Vulnerabilities Scanned  -  [Sensitive Data✔]        Found: 0
[●] Vulnerabilities Scanned  -  [Open redirect✔]         Found: 0
[●] Vulnerabilities Scanned  -  [Subdomain Takeover✔]    Found: 0
[●] Vulnerabilities Scanned  -  [Nuclie✔]                Found: 0
[●] Vulnerabilities Scanning Completed for Subdomains of bugcrowd.com    Check: /vulnerabilities/

▒█▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀ █░░█ █░░ ▀▀█▀▀
▒█▄▄▀ █▀▀ ▀▀█ █░░█ █░░ ░░█░░
▒█░▒█ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ░▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ ░░▀░░

[+] Subdomains of bugcrowd.com
[+] Subdomains Found: 0
[+] Subdomains Alive: 0
[+] Endpoints: 11032
[+] XSS: 0
[+] SQLi: 0
[+] Open Redirect: 0
[+] SSRF: 0
[+] CRLF: 0
[+] LFI: 0
[+] Sensitive Data: 0
[+] Subdomain Takeover: 0
[+] Nuclei: 0

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