Webdiscover, the purpose of this script is to automate the web enumeration process and search for exploits and vulns.

Added Tools (dependencies are installed during script execution):

  • seclist
  • ffuf
  • namelist
  • dnsrecon
  • subfinder
  • whatweb
  • gospider
  • nuclei
  • searchsploit
  • go-exploitdb

It creates a directory with the scan outputs, as shown in the example below.



  • Docker service installed

If you want to build the container yourself manually, git clone the repo:

git clone git@github.com:V1n1v131r4/webdiscover.git

Then build your docker container

docker build -t webdiscover .

After building the container, run the following:

docker run –rm -it -v /path/to/local/directory:/webdiscoverData webdiscover