Where To Start Guide For Beginners & New Players: Cod Modern Warfare Multiplayer

Where To Start Guide For Beginners & New Players: Cod Modern Warfare Multiplayer

You may be a pro or a newbie; this COD modern warfare multiplayer guide will surely hone your multiplayer gameplay. These modern warfare cheats with ESP will help elevate your gameplay. Going through this guide will let you understand the mechanics and the customization of the game which will save you from getting killed a lot.

Know when to sprint

The idea is to not keep running around the corners because you may never know which the corner is. There is also very less time which is when you are highly vulnerable between the sprint animation and you being capable of shooting. The audio is also loud when you run which makes your rivals aware of you. Slow down if you want to stay undetected.

Different playstyles with different classes

Every circumstance asks for a different class.

  • The rifle class is the power class where you get the streaks
  • The rushing class is fast-paced that lets you stay undetected by the enemy UAV
  • The sniper class is perfect to pick up the enemies and is useful to lock down various areas of the map
  • CQB class is a destructive shotgun class with small and tight corridor to blow through your opposition
  • The killstreak class keeps you safe and lets you pull down the killstreaks if your team is not performing

Right Settings

With the right controller settings, you can get the best from your game. It is about the right sensitivity and button layout. The layout should be switched to the tactical mode so that you can drop shot just by clicking on the right thumbstick.

Know your weapon

Build on your weapon knowledge and this can be done by testing the different guns whenever you can. You will easily be able to figure out that some guns are performing better than the rest. Once you unlock the new guns, level up by using them repeatedly. This will give you new attachments to adjust to the playstyle. These attachments however take some time to unlock so make sure to be careful about which gun you are investing into.

Adjust the killstreak

If you find yourself struggling to pull the killstreak together then try to lower it which can help you and your team.

The enemy UAV

If your enemy has a UAV then you need to know how to deal with it. If you are not running as the ghost then stick to the buildings. When you are in a building then this gives the enemies few directions to attack which puts you at a lesser risk. It pays to stay in a group to avoid getting isolated and killed. With more targets for the rivals to shoot when you are in a group it makes you less prone to getting killed.

The environment and the cover

Work out ways to utilize the environment and the cover. There is cover all around which makes it easy to make your way without exposing yourself a lot. When you take the gunfights behind your cover then this works to your advantage letting you reveal less body. The mounting cover adds stability to the shot. The doors can also be used to run through it to catch the opponents which do not let the enemies attack you.

Adjust the Audio

Audio plays a significant role in all multiplayer modern warfare games. Adjusting the audio settings to your advantage gives you an edge. Set the boost low; turn the volume of the music to 0 and the volume of the effect to 80. This will help to eliminate the sound which you hear when the match is on. It also lowers the voice of the character and the announcer letting you gauge your enemies’ movements and hear the opponents’ footsteps better.

 Learn new tactics from the campaign

The campaign in modern warfare is more intimate than in the past games. The smaller levels have fewer rivals and place a lot of emphasis on tactics and movement. This lets you master new skills which are of great use in the multiplayer matches. The campaign teaches you how to fight the hidden enemies and work your way out through unfamiliar locations.

Launchers help to take the vehicles down

It is important to control the enemies’ information in multiplayer games. The killstreaks that could be used against you can give the opponent information on your teams’ exact location. The UAVs and the personal radar helicopters can be unlocked to turn the tide of the match. You can also shoot them down for the points.


Learning all the aspects of modern warfare is bound to take time even if you are a seasoned player. Modern warfare makes use of different strategies and playstyles and it is all about experimentation to get better at the game. This guide gives you a jump up letting you surpass most of the experimental stages. Use it to adapt to the game faster, to secure more wins and to outsmart your opponents.