PacVim – A Game That Teaches You Vim Commands

PacVim is a free open source, text-based game that teaches you vim commands in a simple and fun manner.  In spite of the fact that Vim is a prominent content editor on Linux systems, individuals still think that its difficult to learn, it has a precarious expectation to learn and adapt particularly the propelled highlights, a considerable measure of Linux amateurs are actually apprehensive of taking in this powerful and highly recommended text editor.

Then again, so much exertion has been coordinated by the Tecmint and Linux community towards making Vim simple to learn; from making Vim instructional exercises, sharing valuable Vim use tricks and tips, to creating intelligent learning web-applications and command line games, for example, PacVim.

PacVim is motivated by the well known and exemplary PacMan games, and keeps running on Linux and MacOSX. It causes you to extensively learn vim summons in a pleasant way. Its goal is pretty much like that of PacMan – you should move the pacman over every one of the characters on the screen while keeping away from the apparitions.

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How to Install PacVim

To install PacVim game, you need to first install required Curses (graphics library) package on your Linux distribution using default package manager as shown.

$ sudo apt install libncurses5-dev libncursesw5-dev  [On Ubuntu/Debian]
# yum install ncurses-devel                          [On CentOS/RHEL]
# dnf install ncurses-devel                          [On Fedora =22]

Next, download PacVim source files by cloning its repository and install it as shown.

$ cd ~/Downloads
$ git clone
$ cd PacVim
$ sudo make install

After installing PacVim, you can start learning vim commands by running it from level 0 and the default mode is hard.

$ pacvim

Here are a few keys to move the cursor:

List of Implemented Commands

q quit the game
h move left
j move down
k move up
l move right
w move forward to next word beginning
W move forward to next WORD beginning
e move forward to next word ending
E move forward to next WORD ending
b move backward to next word beginning
B move backward to next WORD beginning
$ move to the end of the line
0 move to the beginning of the line
gg/1G move to the beginning of the first line
numberG move to the beginning of the line given by number
G move to the beginning of the last line
^ move to the first word at the current line
& 1337 cheatz (beat current level)