OffensivePipeline : Tool To Download, Compile & Obfuscate C# Tools For Red Team Exercises

OffensivePipeline allows to download, compile (without Visual Studio) and obfuscate C# tools for Red Team exercises.

It downloads the tool from the git repository, then compiles it with msbuild and finally obfuscates it with ConfuserEx.


  • List all tools:

OffensivePipeline.exe list

  • Build all tools:

OffensivePipeline.exe all

  • Build a tool

OffensivePipeline.exe t toolName

Add New Tools

The scripts for downloading the tools are in the Tools folder in yml format. New tools can be added by creating new yml files with the following format:

  • Rubeus.yml file:

– name: Rubeus
description: Rubeus is a C# toolset for raw Kerberos interaction and abuses
solutionPath: Rubeus\Rubeus.sln

Requirements for the release version (Visual Studio 2019 is not required)

  • Disable the antivirus 😀
  • Teste on Windows 10 Pro – Version 20H2 – Build 19042.631

Requirements For Build

Supported Tools