Zip Cracker : Python Script To Crack Zip Password With Dictionary Attack

Zip Cracker is a python script To crack zip password With dictionary attack and also use crunch as Pipeline.

  • This Script Supports Only Zip File in This Verson
  • You Can Also Use This Script With crunch
  • Cross-platform Supported


–version show program’s version number and exit
-h, –help show this help message and exit
Please Specify Path of Zip File
Please Specify Path of Dictionery.
-o OUTPUT, –output=OUTPUT
Please Specify Path for Extracting
-r RESULT, –result=RESULT
Please Specify Path if You Want to Save Result
-c CRUNCH, –crunch=CRUNCH
For Using Passwords Directly from crunch use this
arguments: -c True or –crunch True

  • Examples 1

– python -f -d passwords.txt

  • Examples 2:

-python -f -d passwords.txt -o extractdir