What is a 404 Frame?

Most tools for hacking a website are found in the 404 Frame. In this way, no time is wasted! We wanted to give 404 Frame a unique terminal feel since most software does not have one.

So what exactly are the commands? You can issue orders using everyday conversational language because we did not want to choose a very complex command system.


help / commands

  • “help” / “commands” commands show all commands and their purpose.

set target

  • The “set target” command is a command that should be used independently of any attack. You introduce the target site to the system.

set port

  • The port(s) you want to be scanned while the “set port” command is doing a port scan

port scan

  • The “port scan” command checks the site you specified and whether the port(s) are open or closed.

scan sql

  • The “scan sql” command will display all the results you have entered on the page that may have SQL vulnerabilities.


  • The “sets” command will show you the target site, the port(s) you specified, and other values ​​you entered. If you entered it incorrectly, you do not need to search.


We have no responsibility for the people who use this tool. Users alone are accountable for illegal behavior. The creators disclaim all responsibility and liability for any misuse or harm brought about by this program. If you use this tool, you accept the automatic readme.md.

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