Admin-Panel_Finder is a burp suite extension that enumerates infrastructure and application Admin Interfaces.

OWASP References:

  • Classification: Web Application Security Testing > 02-Configuration and Deployment Management Testing

Why should I use this extension?

  • Multi-thread
  • Different and configurable levels of test.
  • Includable status codes
  • Excludable status codes
  • More than 1000 built-in payloads.
  • You can load your dictionary.
  • Editable root directory
  • Automatic detection of used technologies to generate custom payloads.
  • Passive listening to find login pages.


The quickest way is to load the jar file (adminPanelFinder.jar) in the extender tab of the Burpsuite.
Extender -> Extensions -> Add
A new tab will be added to the burp suite.

Quick Start

  • Select a request of a target host from any tab of the burp suite (it must have a response with any status code)
  • In the “Admin Panel Finder -> options” tab, apply your configurations.
  • Go to the “Admin Panel Finder -> Finder -> Finder” tab and click on the “start” button.

Some of the options

These options can be used to customize the detection:

  • Level: Level of tests to perform (1-5, default 3)
  • Thread: num of threads (1-50, default 10)
  • Built-in dictionary: there is a built-in dictionary containing the most used directory and file names to be used for static payload generation.
  • Loadable dictionary: you can use your dictionary file for static payload generation.
  • HTTP method: HTTP method to be used in requests (HEAD, GET)(default: Head)
  • Extension: The extension used in application pages. [Example: php, asp, aspx, jsp, …]
  • Root Dir: The path to the root directory of the web application. (Default: /)
  • Includable status codes
  • Excludable status codes

Build From Source Code

  • To build the project, you need Gradle installed.
  • Clone the repository
    git clone
  • Open the main directory of the project (where build.gradle file exists) and run: gradle makeJar
  • The Jar file will be generated in “build/libs/Admin-Panel_Finder.jar”

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