Airflowscan : Checklist & Tools For Increasing Security Of Apache Airflow

Airflowscan is a checklist and tools for increasing security of Apache Airflow. The purpose of this project is provide tools to increase security of Apache Airflow installations. This projects provides the following tools:

  • Configuration file with hardened settings
  • Security checklist for hardening default installations
  • Static analysis tool to check Airflow configuration files for insecure settings.
  • JSON schema document used for validation by the static analysis tool

The static analysis tool can check an Airflow configuration file for settings related to security. The tool convers the config file to JSON, and then uses a JSON Schema to do the validation.


Python 3 is required and you can find all required modules in the requirements.txt file. Only tested on Python 3.7 but should work on other 3.x releases. No plans to 2.x support at this time.

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You can install this via PIP as follows:

pip install airflowscan

To download and run manually, do the following:

git clone
cd airflowscan
pip -r requirements.txt
python -m airflowscan.cli

How to use

To scan a configuration file, do the following command:

airflowscan scan some_airflow.cfg


This project NOT AFFILIATED with the Apache Foundation and the Airflow project, and is not endorsed by them.