A Utility to quickly create your HTML smuggled files. It is based on the blog post by Outflank.

AutoSmuggle emerges as a groundbreaking utility designed to redefine the way digital files are transferred securely and efficiently.

Inspired by Outflank’s insightful exploration into HTML smuggling, this tool provides a seamless method for converting binaries into smuggled HTML or SVG files.

With a simple command-line interface, AutoSmuggle empowers users to bypass traditional security measures, offering a novel approach to data transfer.

This article delves into the mechanics of AutoSmuggle, highlighting its ease of use and the innovative technology behind SVG-based smuggling.

Autosmuggle.exe <path-of-your-binary-to-be-smuggled> <output-expected> <svg/html>
Autosmuggle.exe C:\Path\To\yourfile.exe smuggledfile.exe svg
[*] Trying...
[+] Reading Data
[+] Converting to Base64
[*] Smuggling in SVG
[+] File Written to Current Directory...

This will create a file called smuggled.htmlor smuggled.svg in your current directory.