Botnets like Mirai have proven that there is a need for more security in embedded and IoT devices. This list shall help beginners and experts to find helpful resources on the topic.

If you are a beginner, you should have a look at the Books and Case Studies sections.

If you want to start right away with your own analysis, you should give the Analysis Frameworks a try.

They are easy to use and you do not need to be an expert to get first meaningful results.

Items marked with are comercial products.


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Software Tools

Software tools for analyzing embedded/IoT devices and firmware.

Analysis Frameworks

  • EXPLIoT – Pentest framework like Metasploit but specialized for IoT.
  • FACT – The Firmware Analysis and Comparison Tool – Full-featured static analysis framework including extraction of firmware, analysis utilizing different plug-ins and comparison of different firmware versions.
  • FwAnalyzer – Analyze security of firmware based on customized rules. Intended as additional step in DevSecOps, similar to CI.
  • HAL – The Hardware Analyzer – A comprehensive reverse engineering and manipulation framework for gate-level netlists.
  • HomePWN – Swiss Army Knife for Pentesting of IoT Devices.
  • IoTSecFuzz – Framework for automatisation of IoT layers security analysis: hardware, software and communication.
  • Killerbee – Framework for Testing & Auditing ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.4 Networks.
  • PRET – Printer Exploitation Toolkit.
  • Routersploit – Framework dedicated to exploit embedded devices.

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