What Happened Since The Last EMBA Release?

There was the absolute great #Hackersummercamp with our talks at BSidesLV, ICS Village (DEF CON) and Black Hat (Arsenal). The recording of the BSides talk is already available here. Beside this, Nate did a really great talk at BruCON – see here.

Beside a lot of code cleanup, bug fixing and some little improvements the new firmware diffing mode is one of the highlights in version 1.3.1.
In 1 day bug hunting, exploit development and the identification of silent patching it is quite common to identify the differences between two firmware releases.
To use this new feature (as usual in a very early alpha state) it is now possible to define a second firmware with the -o parameter. EMBA starts with some basic analysis of both firmware images, extracts both images and finds the differences between these firmware images:

If the file is some ASCII file a nice diff is shown:

If the file is a binary file we use radare2 for further analysis:

For further details check our Wiki

Happy bug hunting 🙂

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What’s Changed

Full Changelog1.3.0-AI-for-EMBA…1.3.1-diff-all-the-firmwares