DevSecOps is an extension of the DevOps movement that aims to bring security practices into the development lifecycle through developer-centric security tooling and processes.

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  • Alice and Bob Learn Application Security – Tanya Janca – An accessible and thorough resource for anyone seeking to incorporate, from the beginning of the System Development Life Cycle, best security practices in software development.


  • MyDevSecOps – Snyk – A community that runs conferences, a blog, a podcast and a Slack workspace dedicated to DevSecOps.


  • AppSec Day – OWASP – An Australian application security conference run by OWASP.
  • DevSecCon – Snyk – A network of DevSecOps conferences run by Snyk.


  • Shift Security Left – Cossack Labs – A free biweekly newsletter for security-aware developers covering application security, secure architecture, DevSecOps, cryptography, incidents, etc. that can be useful for builders and (to a lesser extent) for breakers.


  • Absolute AppSec – Seth Law & Ken Johnson – Discussions about current events and specific topics related to application security.
  • Application Security Podcast – Security Journey – Interviews with industry experts about specific application security concepts.
  • BeerSecOps – Aqua Security – Breaking down the silos of Dev, Sec and Ops, discussing topics that span these subject areas.
  • DevSecOps Podcast Series – OWASP – Discussions with thought leaders and practitioners to integrate security into the development lifecycle.
  • The Secure Developer – Snyk – Discussion about security tools and best practices for software developers.

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