The “Awesome GPTs (Agents) Repo” represents an initial effort to compile a comprehensive list of GPT agents focused on cybersecurity (offensive and defensive), created by the community.

Please note, this repository is a community-driven project and may not list all existing GPT agents in cybersecurity. Contributions are welcome – feel free to add your own creations!

Disclaimer: Users should exercise caution and evaluate the agents before use. Additionaly please note that some of these GPTs are still in experimental test phase.

Basic Guidelines

There is some specific keywords that trigger some actions from GPTS; here are some of them to maximize their use:

  • “Retrieve”: used to retrieve some information available in the knowledge.
  • “Based on your knowledge”: used to retrieve some information available in the knowledge.
  • “Generate”: used to trigger code interpreter.
  • “Can you provide information on [specific topic] from the knowledge source?”: To trigger the retrieval.
  • “What does the knowledge source say about [specific query]?”: To trigger the retrieval.

Cybersecurity GPTs

  • MagicUnprotect: This GPT allows to interact with the Unprotect DB to retrieve knowledge about malware evasion techniques.
  • GP(en)T(ester): A cybersec assistant for pentesting guidance.
  • Threat Intel Bot: A specialized GPT for the latest APT threat intelligence.
  • Vulnerability Bot: A specialized GPT on vulnerability, secure code, ransomware attacks
  • SourceCodeAnalysis: Upload any project’s source code (zip format), analyse all, answer any questions to get what you want.
  • Web Hacking Wizard: Engagingly clarifies web security topics with interactive questions.
  • ChadGPT: Has useful executibles in /mnt/data such as gdb, curl, strace. Make PRs at ChadGPT git.
  • CyberGPT: It provides the latest CVE details.
  • Cyber Mentor: Cybersecurity mentor teaching from the basics to advanced.
  • Cyber Security Career Mentor: Your guide to starting and advancing in cybersecurity careers, offering beginner-friendly, practical advice.
  • CyberGuard: Cybersecurity advisor for home and small businesses. Ask any questions or let cyber guard.
  • CatEye: AI Cybersecurity Best Practices Advisor. An agent for C-Level executives concerned about their startup’s security.
  • SOC Copilot: Cybersecurity expert with keyword-based guidance.
  • HackTricksGPT: A knowledgeable cybersecurity professional.
  • Cyber Security Tutor: Quality Cyber Security Advice, Tricks, & Tips
  • MITREGPT: Feed me any input and I’ll match it with the relevant MITRE ATT&CK techniques and tactics.
  • ATT&CK Mate: Ask me anything about the ATT&CK Knowledge Base.
  • Hacker News GPT: Summarizes top Hacker News stories and comments daily or weekly, with precise search parameters.
  • Hacker Art: Generate badass hacker art and profile pics.

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