BackupCreds presents a groundbreaking method for security professionals to exploit SeTrustedCredmanAccessPrivilege, enabling the dumping of stored credentials in Windows environments.

This article delves into the intricate process of leveraging elevated shells for credential extraction, offering a step-by-step guide on accessing and manipulating the Windows Credential Manager.

Discover how BackupCreds transforms security testing and vulnerability assessments with its innovative approach.

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Abusing SeTrusted Credman Access Privilege To Dump User Creds

The program provides the ability to dump the stored credentials a user might have in the Windows Credential Manager.

It is a useful technique in cases where an elevated shell exists and multiple users are currently logged in.


  1. Finds the right WinLogon process of the user we want to dump the creds
  2. Opens the WinLogon process with PROCESS_QUERY_LIMITED_INFORMATION access
  3. Duplicates token with TOKEN_DUPLICATE access
  4. Turns token to impersonation token
  5. Enables SeTrustedCredmanAccessPrivilege permission
  6. Opens the target process of the user
  7. Steals and impersonates target user
  8. Calls CredBackupCredentials while impersonating the WinLogon token passing a path to write to and a NULL password to disable the user encryption
  9. While still impersonating opens the file and decrypts it using the CryptUnprotectData API
  10. Deletes the file


backupcreds [PID of target user] [path to save file]

Must be run from an elevated context.


Currently writes to disk to an operator provided path. Will delete the path once done. Accesses WinLogon.