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Many developers and programmers use Linux as their operating system of choice. Most professional developers choose to utilize it for their daily activities due to its complexity as an operating system.

Especially since the emergence of numerous user-friendly Linux distributions, this attitude has shifted significantly. Coders, home users, kids, instructors and schools all have their own Linux distributions to choose from.

Children, teachers, and schools may benefit from the greatest Linux distributions available.

Best Linux distros for Teachers and Students

Debian Edu / Skolelinux

Known as Debian Edu, Skolelinux has a wealth of features designed specifically for schools and instructors. Its mainstay is its network services.

It is also possible to install Debian Edu through its ISO file, which makes the installation process immensely easier. A single bootable USB stick is all you need to install this distribution on numerous computers.

However, downloading the complete version of Skolelinux is a bit of a hassle. This operating system is best suited for schools due to the amount of work required to install it.

Karoshi Server Linux Schools

There is no learning curve with Linux Schools because it has all the features of Debian Edu. A major priority on any school’s IT wish list is Linux Schools, thanks to its ease of use.

Administration is simplified with this Debian-based operating system, which includes Ubuntu LTS. Schools may take advantage of the built-in web interface, which is perfect for internal networking purposes.

Endless OS

Children’s educational demands are met by Endless OS thanks to its excellent design and easy functioning. A few of the features that set this operating system unique are its user-friendly interface and intuitive layout.

GNOME, the desktop environment used by Endless OS, is based on Debian. Many apps are preloaded on the operating system, allowing the device to function without an active internet connection.

Moreover, Endless is compatible with Microsoft Office which is a benefit for various assignments students have to work on. An extra special benefit that comes with it is Kolibri, As well as a collection of instructional information, Kolibri includes coaching tools for young learners. And with the content package that comes with it, there’s not even much research required to get their papers ready. However, whenever a student gets stuck they can pay someone for essays or ask for professional help via communication apps.

As this operating system is limited to only 500 machines each year, it is a bit tough to obtain. The good news is that Endless OS will give a fantastic learning experience for your child, assuming you can get it to download.


Ubuntu-based Ubermix has a ton of tools to help your kids learn faster. A range of important resources are provided to help your children enhance their schooling and build their life skills with this operating system.

Screen time and app usage may be monitored by parents using the built-in features, decreasing the amount of time spent in front of a computer.

User community makes troubleshooting a breeze. On their website, you’ll also find a wealth of troubleshooting advice for improving your usage statistics.

AcademiX GNU

As a Linux distribution based on Debian, AcademiX GNU stands out for its adaptability. Students in primary school and university may both use this operating system.

For students to get the most out of their computers, it has virtual interactive laboratories and built-in microscopes.

For students and instructors alike, AcademiX is a great tool!

Teachers and schools should use the best Linux distribution available.

The Linux distributions described above are not the only Linux distributions available for teachers and schools.

Which distribution would you install for your schools and students?

Originally a professional operating system, Linux has grown into a flexible and user-friendly operating system. This trustworthy vertical technology should be offered to youngsters only if they are interested in learning.

Especially if you are a student, a teacher, or otherwise involved in the education system, these distros provide a broad variety of resources.