In the world of cybersecurity, staying ahead of potential threats is essential.

BugBlaze is a powerful toolkit that simplifies the process of subdomain enumeration, DNS resolution, port scanning, and vulnerability scanning.

In this article, we’ll explore how BugBlaze can enhance your security efforts and provide a comprehensive overview of its features and usage.

Continuous Reconnaissance And Vulnerability Scanning For Bug Bounties


cd BugBlaze
chmod +x



Tools Included

  • Subdomain enumeration (Subfinder, Amass, Shuffledns)
  • DNS resolving ( PureDNS)
  • Port scanning (Naabu)
  • Vulnerability Scanning (Nuclei)
  • Resolvers (trickest)
  • Wordlists (n0kovo_subdomains)


  • Confifure you api tokens in subfinder and amass config file for more subdomains
  • Add your telergam/discord/slack token in notify config file for notifications
  • If you want to use custom wordlists and resovers, change variable path in (line 32,33,34)