ChopChop : ChopChop Is A CLI To Help Developers Scanning Endpoints And Identifying Exposition Of Sensitive Services/Files/Folders


ChopChop is a command-line tool for dynamic application security testing on web applications, initially written by the Michelin CERT.

Its goal is to scan several endpoints and identify exposition of services/files/folders through the webroot. Checks/Signatures are declared in a config file (by default: chopchop.yml), fully configurable, and especially by developers.


We tried to make the build process painless and hopefully, it should be as easy as:

$ go mod download
$ go build .

There should be a resulting gochopchop binary in the folder.

Using Docker

Thanks to Github Container Registry, we are able to provide you some freshly-build Docker images!

docker run scan -v debug

But if you prefer, you can also build it locally, see below:

Build locally

docker build -t gochopchop .


We are continuously trying to make goChopChop as easy as possible. Scanning a host with this utility is as simple as :

$ ./gochopchop scan

Using Docker

docker run gochopchop scan

Custom configuration file

docker run -v ./:/app chopchop scan -c /app/chopchop.yml

What’s next

The Golang rewrite took place a couple of months ago but there’s so much to do, still. Here are some features we are planning to integrate : [x] Threading for better performance [x] Ability to specify the number of concurrent threads [x] Colors and better formatting [x] Ability to filter checks/signatures to search for [x] Mock and unit tests [x] Github CI And much more!


To quickly end-to-end test chopchop, we provided a web-server in tests/server.go. To try it, please run go run tests/server.go then run chopchop with the following command ./gochopchop scan http://localhost:8000 --verbosity Debug. ChopChop should print “no vulnerabilities found”.

There are also unit test that you can launch with go test -v ./.... These tests are integrated in the github CI workflow.

Available Flags

You can find the available flags available for the scan command :

FlagFull flagDescription
-h--helpHelp wizard
-v--verbosityVerbose level of logging
-c--signaturePath of custom signature file
-k--insecureDisable SSL Verification
-u--url-filePath to a specified file containing urls to test
-b--max-severityBlock the CI pipeline if severity is over or equal specified flag
-e--exportExport type of the output (csv and/or json)
--export-filenameSpecify the filename for the export file(s)
-t--timeoutTimeout for the HTTP requests
--severity-filterFilter Plugins by severity
--plugin-filterFilter Plugins by name of plugin
--threadsNumber of concurrent threads

Advanced usage

Here is a list of advanced usage that you might be interested in. Note: Redirectors like > for post processing can be used.

  • Ability to scan and disable SSL verification

$ ./gochopchop scan –insecure

Ability to scan with a custom configuration file (including custom plugins)

$ ./gochopchop scan –insecure –signature test_config.yml

Ability to list all the plugins or by severity : plugins or plugins --severity High

$ ./gochopchop plugins –severity High

Ability to specify number of concurrent threads : --threads 4 for 4 workers

$ ./gochopchop plugins –threads 4

Ability to block the CI pipeline by severity level (equal or over specified severity) : --max-severity Medium

$ ./gochopchop scan –max-severity Medium

Ability to specify specific signatures to be checked

./gochopchop scan –timeout 1 –verbosity –export=csv,json –export-filename boo –plugin-filters=Git,Zimbra,Jenkins

Ability to list all the plugins

$ ./gochopchop plugins

List High severity plugins

$ ./gochopchop plugins –severity High

Set a list or URLs located in a file

$ ./gochopchop scan –url-file url_file.txt

Export GoChopChop results in CSV and JSON format

$ ./gochopchop scan –export=csv,json –export-filename results

Creating A New Check

Writing a new check is as simple as :

endpoint: “/.git/config”
name: Git exposed
remediation: Do not deploy .git folder on production servers
description: Verifies that the GIT repository is accessible from the site
severity: “Hig

An endpoint (eg. /.git/config) is mapped to multiple checks which avoids sending X requests for X checks. Multiple checks can be done through a single HTTP request. Each check needs those fields:

AttributeTypeDescriptionOptional ?Example
namestringName of the checkNoGit exposed
descriptionstringA small description for the checkNoEnsure .git repository is not accessible from the webroot
remediationstringGive a remediation for this specific “issue”NoDo not deploy .git folder on production servers
severityEnum(“High”, “Medium”, “Low”, “Informational”)Rate the criticity if it triggers in your environmentNoHigh
status_codeintegerThe HTTP status code that should be returnedYes200
headersList of stringList of headers there should be in the HTTP responseYesN/A
no_headersList of stringList of headers there should NOT be in the HTTP responseYesN/A
matchList of stringList the strings there should be in the HTTP responseYes“[branch”
no_matchList of stringList the strings there should NOT be in the HTTP responseYesN/A
query_stringGET parameters that have to be passed to the endpointStringYesquery_string: "id=FOO-chopchoptest"

External Libraries

Library NameLinkLicense
Viper License
Go-pretty License
Cobra License 2.0
strfmt License 2.0
Go-homedir License
pkg-errors 2 (Simplified License)
Go-runewidth License

Please, refer to the third-party.txt file for further information.


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