CIRTKit : Tools for the Computer Incident Response Team

CIRTKit is a tools for the computer incident response team. One DFIR console to rule them all. Built on top of the Viper Framework.


Database Setup


It requires a database to store malware artifacts and investigation data. Currently, it is equipped to use SQLite and Postgres SQL databases.

If you need to have multiple analysts collaborate on investigations, then you need to setup it to use Postgres, otherwise if you want to store information locally, you can use SQLite.

  • SQLite

For SQLite, you can simply run CIRTKit, and it will create and connect to a local SQLite file. Or you can specify the connection string to use a different file.

  • Postgres

Setup your Postgres database and edit the lines at the top of the with the credentials for the database you just configured.

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Install Dependencies

You can install decencies with pip (Python packaging system) using the provided requirements.txt file “pip install -r requirements.txt”



You can also specify the ‘-i’ flag and specify a specific investigation. If it does not exist, CIRTKit will create a new investigation

Credit : Bob