Brutality : A Fuzzer For Any GET Entries

A Brutality is a fuzzer for any GET entries and following are the features ;

  • Multi-threading on demand
  • Fuzzing, bruteforcing GET params
  • Find admin panels
  • Colored output
  • Hide results by return code, word numbers
  • Proxy support
  • Big wordlist

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  • Install

git clone
chmod 755 -R brutality/
cd brutality/
pip install -r requirements.txt

  • Helps

python brutality -h


  • Use default wordlist with 5 threads (-t 5) and hide 404 messages (–e 404) to fuzz the given URL (

python -u ‘’ -t 5 -e 404

python -u ‘’ -f ./wordlist/common_pass.txt -r 6