Curate – A tool for fetching archived URLs

Curate is a tool for fetching archived URLs and to be rewritten in Go.

Curate Initial set-up one-liner

This will clone this repository and then move all scripts to /usr/local/bin.

$ git clone \
&& cp curate/curate /usr/local/bin/ \
&& echo "You can delete the ./curate/ folder now."

Once you have are done with this one-liner, make sure to include your VirusTotal API key in your .bashrc file. The variable should be named VIRUS_TOTAL_API_KEY.

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To fetch archived URLs simply run it and specify the target host.

 $ curate <host>
 $ curate

If you want to search for strings straight away in the output you can also specify your search term or regular expression by using the -r flag.

$ curate <host> -r <search term>
$ curate -r example

List of search terms

Curate outputs the results into a curate.txt file which allows you to easily grep through the URLs for keywords. Here are some ideas for things to grep for in curate.txt.

  • admin
  • password
  • key
  • api
  • hmac
  • url
  • path
  • redir
  • php
  • id=

It is advisable to exclude images and stylesheets from your searches by piping everything into ‘grep -v’.


This project is made for educational and ethical testing purposes
only. Usage of this tool for attacking targets without prior mutual
consent is illegal. Developers assume no liability and are not
responsible for any misuse or damage caused by these scripts.