Converto : Installing Kali Linux on VPS Server

Converto is a automated Kali Linux or Parrot OS installer for VPS, also installs VNC (Graphical / Non-Graphical VNC). It is tested on the following;

  • Tested on Ubuntu
  • Tested on Debian


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install git
git clone
cd Converto.
chmod +x

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  • Type 1 For Install

Type 2 For Exit
Type note For Reading Note(Recommended)

  • Press 1 and Enter
  • Now choose the desired option.
  • I am Selecting 2 for Parrot OS.
  • Now choose the desired option.
  1. Install Core Only
  2. Install Headless Edition
  3. Install Standard Edition
  4. Install Full Edition
  5. Install Home Edition
  6. Install Embedded Edition
  • Selecting 4 For Full installation
  • Select Yes.(Necessary)
  • Select Yes.(Necessary)
  • Type Y and Press Enter.(Necessary)
  • Type Y and Press Enter.(Necessary)
  • Select install the package maintainer’s version.

Installation Done

Optional Step for installing VNC


  • Choose You VNC Type you want to install (Graphical VNC Recommended)
  • Now Enter The Password for the VNC Connection and also re-enter the password for verification.
  • Optional : Press Y if you want a view only password (In view only password, The one having the password will only have the permission to view the screen.)

Commands to Start and Stop The VNC Server

TO start a VNC Server

root@kali:~# vncserver
(It always start on Port 1)

To stop a VNC Server

root@kali:~# vncserver -kill :1
Example IP in VNC Viewer :

Credits: Kunal dawar & Ayush sahay