DarkGPT unveils the shadowy corners of cyberspace by granting access to leaked databases through a cutting-edge AI powered by GPT-4-200K.

This comprehensive guide outlines the installation process, from setting up your environment to running the project, ensuring you’re equipped to navigate this complex landscape.

Dive into the world of DarkGPT and unlock the potential of AI in cybersecurity.

Installation Guide For DarkGPT Project

DarkGPT is an artificial intelligence assistant based on GPT-4-200K designed to perform queries on leaked databases. This guide will help you set up and run the project on your local environment.


Before starting, make sure you have Python installed on your system. This project has been tested with Python 3.8 and higher versions.

Environment Setup

  1. Clone the RepositoryFirst, you need to clone the GitHub repository to your local machine. You can do this by executing the following command in your terminal:
  2. Configure Environment VariablesYou will need to set up some environment variables for the script to work correctly. Copy the .env.example file to a new file named .env:DEHASHED_API_KEY=”your_dehashed_api_key_here”
  3. Install DependenciesThis project requires certain Python packages to run. Install them by running the following command:pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Then Run the project: python3 main.py