DetectDee is a cutting-edge tool designed to streamline the process of locating social media accounts across various platforms by utilizing usernames, email addresses, or phone numbers.

Tailored for cybersecurity experts, it offers precision, evasion capabilities against web application firewalls, and easy integration.

This guide delves into the functionalities, installation, and usage of DetectDee, ensuring a seamless experience for those aiming to enhance their digital investigations.


  • Includes sites frequently used by CyberSecurity practitioners
  • Hunt down social media accounts by username, email or phone
  • Precise thread control and custom request headers are used to prevent WAF recognition
  • Extensible, simple, and easy-to-use template
  • Integration of mobile versions of social networking sites



git clone
cd DetectDee
go mod tidy
go run .




Hunt down social media accounts by username, email or phone across social networks

  DetectDee detect [flags]

  -c, --check           self-check
  -e, --email strings   email[s], e.g.,
  -f, --file string     Site data file (default "data.json")
  -g, --google          Show google search result
  -h, --help            help for detect
  -n, --name strings    name[s], e.g. piaolin,poq79,SomeOneYouLike
      --nsfw            Include checking of NSFW sites from default list.
  -o, --output string   Result file (default "result.txt")
  -p, --phone strings   phone[s], e.g. 15725753684,13575558962
      --precisely       Check precisely
      --proxy string    Make requests over a proxy. e.g. socks5://
  -r, --retry int       Retry times after request failed (default 3)
  -s, --site strings    Limit analysis to just the listed sites. Add multiple options to specify more than one site.
  -t, --timeout int     Time (in seconds) to wait for response to requests (default 10)
      --token string    chatgpt api token

Global Flags:
  -v, --verbose   verbose output

Please update the data for the first time

./DetectDee update

To search for only one user:

./DetectDee detect -n piaolin

To search for more than one user:

./DetectDee detect -n piaolin,blue

To search for more than one user and use ChatGPT for user tagging of results(need ChatGPT token):

./DetectDee detect -n piaolin,blue --token {ChatGPT Token}

To search for email:

./DetectDee detect -e,

To search for phone:

./DetectDee detect -p 15822575984,13188524682

Show google search(please check yourself):

./DetectDee detect -n piaolin,blue -g

To search in specified site:

./DetectDee detect -n piaolin -s github,v2ex

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