Driver Development

Is it worth your money to spend on device driver development service? Or is it better to allocate that money elsewhere? The answer all depends on you. If you’re a programmer specialist and understand how to develop a driver firmware/software, then I could understand that you don’t need one. But from a business perspective, I think you should. Why do you ask? Well, let’s drive into it.


If you had all the time in the world. And the necessary skills of both computer language and programming skills. Then I would program the necessary software myself for a device driver. From a business perspective, you are required to manage many different programs and people.

Managing operations, human resources, resource management, and more. This alone can take a lot of your time, and developing your device driver’s software is full-time jobs on itself. Let’s look at Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. They initially had all the time in the world to create their product, but once the business started running they didn’t really have the time to create software programs.

They outsource it, partnered companies, and even acquire over 100 companies each. So, if you had all the time in the world and resources, then I would just do it myself. But if you didn’t, I would outsource to someone else to develop your device driver.

Which Operating System?

It all depends on which market niche you want to get in. You can get into all 4 operating systems if you like. But try to focus on Microsoft Windows as your operating system. 76% of all desktop uses Windows as their operating system and the second would be Apple at 19%. All other operating systems can’t compete against Windows and iOS. Logically, Window would be your best choice out of all 4 brands out there.


The cost to you personally, would be time. Depending on your project, it would take hundreds of hours to program one device driver for Windows. Time can be very expensive when you’re running a business. You need to design and develop your product quickly and not waste resources. It would be best to allocate your resources to help your business to use their time more efficiently. Services like driver development for windows can be a lifesaver. Effectively managing your time and service outside your organization can be very useful.


In conclusion, time and cost can vary, person to person. If you have all the time in the world and the set of programming skills, then use it. Don’t waste your money on something you can create on your own. But, on the flip side of the coin from a business perspective. The best practices are to allocate a part of your resource and invest in a device driver development service. Not only will they specialized in programming the drivers, but they also have the experiences to make it better. This will allow you to spend more time on what really matters the most, which is your business.