DVHMA – Damn Vulnerable Hybrid Mobile Application

Damn Vulnerable Hybrid Mobile App or DVHMA is a hybrid mobile app for Android that deliberately contains vulnerabilities. Its motivation is to empower security experts to test their tools and techniques legitimately, enable developers to better comprehend the normal pitfalls in developing hybrid mobile apps securely.

This application is created to examine pitfalls in developing hybrid apps, e.g., utilizing Apache Cordova or SAP Kapsel, safely. Right now, the fundamental concentration is to develop a deeper understanding of injection vulnerabilities that exploit the JavaScript to Java bridge.

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DVHMA Installation


We assume that the

Moreover, we assume a basic familiarity with the build system of Apache Cordova.

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Building DVHMA

Setting Environment Variables

export ANDROID_HOME=<Android SDK Installation Directory>
export PATH=$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools:$PATH

Compiling DVHMA

cd DVHMA-Featherweight
cordova plugin add ../plugins/DVHMA-Storage
cordova plugin add ../plugins/DVHMA-WebIntent 
cordova platform add android
cordova compile android

Running DVHMA in an Emulator

cordova run android 

Team Members

The development of this application started as part of the project ZertApps. ZertApps was a collaborative research project funded by the German Ministry for Research and Education. It is now developed and maintained by the Software Assurance & Security Research Team at The University of Sheffield, UK.

The core developers of DVHMA are: