DVIA – Damn Vulnerable iOS Application

Damn Vulnerable iOS App or DVIA is an iOS application that is damn vulnerable. Its fundamental objective is to give a stage to portable security enthusiasts/professionals or understudies to test their iOS penetration testing skills in a legitimate situation.

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DVIA Vulnerabilities and Challenges Include

  1. Local Data Storage
  2. Jailbreak Detection
  3. Excessive Permissions
  4. Runtime Manipulation
  5. Anti Anti Hooking/Debugging
  6. Binary Protection
  7. Touch/Face ID Bypass
  8. Phishing
  9. Side Channel Data Leakage
  10. IPC Issues
  11. Broken Cryptography
  12. Webview Issues
  13. Network Layer Security
  14. Application Patching
  15. Sensitive Information in Memory
  16. Data Leakage to Third parties

All these vulnerabilities have been tested up to iOS 11.