FakeImageExploiter stores all records in apache2 webroot, zips (.zip) the specialist, begins apache2 and metasploit services(handler), and gives a URL to send to target (triggers agent.zip download). When the casualty runs our executable, our photo will be downloaded and opened in the default picture watcher, our malicious payload will be executed, and we will get a meterpreter session.

However, it additionally stores the operator (not ziped) into Fake ImageExploiter/output folder in the event that we wish to convey agent.jpg.exe utilizing another different attack vector.

This device likewise builds a cleaner.rc file to erase payloads left in target

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This module takes one existing image.jpg and one payload.ps1 (input by user) and build another payload (agent.jpg.exe) that if executed it will trigger the download of the 2 past files put away into apache2 (image.jpg + payload.ps1) and execute them.

This module additionally changes the agent.exe Icon to coordinate one file.jpg Then uses the satire ‘Shroud extensions for known record types’ strategy to hide the agent.exe expansion.

All payloads (client input) will be downloaded from our apache2 webserver what’s more, executed into target RAM. The main extension (payload contribution by user) that requires to compose payload to plate are .exe doubles.

FakeImageExploiter v1.3 – backdoor images.jpg[.ps1]

CodeName: Metamorphosis
Version release: v1.3 (Stable)
Author: pedro ubuntu [ r00t-3xp10it ]
Distros Supported : Linux Ubuntu, Kali, Mint, Parrot OS
Suspicious-Shell-Activity (SSA) RedTeam develop @2017

Payloads accepted (user input):

payload.ps1 (default) | payload.bat | payload.txt | payload.exe [Metasploit]
"Edit 'settings' file before runing tool to use other extensions"

Pictures accepted (user input):

All pictures with .jpg (default) | .jpeg | .png  extensions (all sizes)
"Edit 'settings' file before runing tool to use other extensions"


xterm, zenity, apache2, mingw32[64], ResourceHacker(wine)
'Auto-Installs ResourceHacker.exe under ../.wine/Program Files/.. directorys'

WARNING: To change icon manually (resource hacker bypass) edit 'settings' file.
WARNING: Only under windows systems the 2º extension will be hidden (so zip it) 
WARNING: The agent.jpg.exe requires the inputed files to be in apache2 (local lan hack)
WARNING: The agent.jpg.exe uses the powershell interpreter (does not work againts wine).
WARNING: This tool will not accept payload (user input) arguments (eg nc.exe -lvp 555)
WARNING: The ResourceHacker provided by this tool requires WINE to be set to windows 7


1º - Download framework from github
     git clone https://github.com/r00t-3xp10it/FakeImageExploiter.git

2º - Set files execution permitions
     cd FakeImageExploiter
     sudo chmod +x *.sh

3º - Config FakeImageExploiter settings
     nano settings

4º - Run main tool
     sudo ./FakeImageExploiter.sh

Framework Banner

Settings file

Agent(s) in windows systems

Video tutorials

FakeImageExploiter [ Official release – Main funtions ]


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