EmailFinder : Search Emails From A Domain Through Search Engines

EmailFinder is a tool to search emails through Search Engines. The software is designed to check a company’s emails found in the search engines

|_ Author: @JosueEncinar
|_ Description: Search emails from a domain through search engines.
|_ Version: 0.1b
|_ Usage: emailfinder -d


> pip3 install emailfinder

Upgrades are also available using

> pip3 install emailfinder –upgrade

Search Engines

  • google: Ok (note cookies policy and Captcha!).
  • bing: OK.
  • baidu: OK (few requests).
  • bing: Hunting Robots very fast.


EmailFinder can be used in 2 ways:


emailfinder -d


  • d: Specifies the target domain.
  • v: Show EmailFinder version.

In code

from emailfinder.extractor import *
emails1 = get_emails_from_google(“”)
emails2 = get_emails_from_bing(“”)
emails3 = get_emails_from_baidu(“”)