Fama : Forensic Analysis For Mobile Apps

Fama is a tool for android extraction and analysis framework with an integrated Autopsy Module. Dump easily user data from a device and generate powerful reports for Autopsy or external applications.


  • Extract user application data from an Android device with ADB (root and ADB required).
  • Dump user data from an android image or mounted path.
  • Easily build modules for a specific Android application.
  • Generate clean and readable JSON reports.
  • Complete integrated Autopsy compatibility (datasource processor module, ingest module, report module, geolocation, communication and timeline support).
  • Export HTML report based on the current case.

Report Screenshots

Fama : Forensic Analysis For Mobile Apps


How to use?

The script can be used directly in terminal or as Autopsy module.

Running From Terminal

usage: start.py [-h] [-d DUMP [DUMP ...]] [-p PATH] [-o OUTPUT] [-a] app

Forensics Artefacts Analyzer

positional arguments:
  app                                            Application or package to be analyzed <tiktok> or <com.zhiliaoapp.musically>

optional arguments:
  -h, --help                                     show this help message and exit
  -d DUMP [DUMP ...], --dump DUMP [DUMP ...]     Analyze specific(s) dump(s) <20200307_215555 ...>
  -p PATH, --path PATH                           Dump app data in path (mount or folder structure)
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT                     Report output path folder
  -a, --adb                                      Dump app data directly from device with ADB
  -H, --html                                     Generate HTML report

Running From Autopsy

  • Download repository contents (zip).
  • Open Autopsy -> Tools -> Python Plugins
  • Unzip previously downloaded zip in python_modules folder.
  • Restart Autopsy, create a case and select the module.
  • Select your module options in the Ingest Module window selector.
  • Click “Generate Report” to generate an HTML report of the case.

Build An Application Module

Do you need a forensics module for a specific Android application? Follow the instructions here and build a module by yourself.