Gmailc2 is a Fully Undetectable C2 Server That Communicates Via Google SMTP to evade Antivirus Protections and Network Traffic Restrictions.


This RAT communicates Via Gmail SMTP (or u can use any other smtps as well) but Gmail SMTP is valid because most of the companies block unknown traffic so gmail traffic is valid and allowed everywhere.


 1. Don't Upload Any Payloads To Bcz This tool will not work
    with Time.
 2. Virustotal Share Signatures With AV Comapnies.
 3. Again Don't be an Idiot!

How To Setup

 1. Create Two seperate Gmail Accounts.
 2. Now enable SMTP On Both Accounts (check youtube if u don't know)
 3. Suppose you have already created Two Seperate Gmail Accounts With SMTP enabled
    A -> first account represents
    B -> 2nd account   represents
 4. Now Go To file and fill the following at line 67:
    smtpserver=""          (don't change this)
    imapserver=""    (don't change this)
5. Now Go To file and fill the following at line 16:
    imapserver = ""          (dont change this)
    username = ""
    password = "your2ndgmailapp password"
    getting = ""
    smtpserver = ""          (don't change this)
6. Enjoy

How To Run:

  For Windows:
 1. Make Sure python3 and pip is installed and requriements also installed
 2. python  (on server side)

 For Linux:
 1. Make Sure All Requriements is installed.
 2. python3  (on server side)

C2 Feature:

 1) Persistence (type persist)
 2) Shell Access 
 3) System Info (type info)
 4) More Features Will Be Added 


1) FUD Ratio 0/40
2) Bypass Any EDR's Solutions
3) Bypass Any Network Restrictions
4) Commands Are Being Sent in Base64 And Decoded on server side
5) No More Tcp Shits


Use this tool Only for Educational Purpose And I will Not be Responsible For your cruel act.

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