The Secret IG Growth Hacks You Haven’t Heard Before

The secret to Instagram success is having as many organic followers as possible. Instagram now boasts of more than one billion subscribers all over the world. If it was a country, it would be the third most populated one after China and India. About 500 million Instagram users log into their accounts at least once every day. This tells you that you have an audience of more than 500 million people every 24 hours to convince to follow you, but then again, you have the same number competing with you to get followers. It is this competition that makes it challenging to garner real and organic followers.

Different Instagram users use different tricks to win followers to their accounts. Some even go the extent of buying fake followers just to create an impression that they have a large following. There is a notion that the more followers you have, the more you are likely to get; and rightly so. However, if your following is fake and dormant, then your account will soon decay and fizzle out. It is your follower’s engagement that keeps your account alive and up in search rankings. If you are still struggling to grow a following on Instagram, here are a few secret IG growth hacks you haven’t heard before. 

Use Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram story feature has really grown in popularity. In fact, more people post stories more often than they post still images. About 250 million people use Instagram stories every day. most people of the more than 500 million that log into their accounts just check the stories and rarely check the still images. It is only after they develop an interest in your story that they can take their time to go through your bio. With such a high number of people checking Instagram stories, it makes this feature a worthwhile avenue to use to grow your Instagram. While at it, make use of the new feature; the Instagram stories Ads. This feature can be very effective for growth and is underutilized.

Use Account Swapping Technique

Account swapping is another good and less used technique of growing a following. Using this technique, you will be required to relinquish your account’s access to a second party. You will allow the second party to connect with their followers. A good person to do this would be an influencer with a large following. This technique is also known as Instagram Takeover.

Employ an Influencer as a Consultant

Instead of going the traditional way of having an influencer create content and fit your brand into their accounts, you can employ them for strategic consulting. In this kind of agreement, the influencer helps you create a strategy of growing your account using their experience. This strategy helps you keep your authenticity and still grow your account.

Hashtag Testing

Instead of just using hashtags like everyone else, you can try and test several hashtags and monitor them. Monitoring enables you to identify which of the many hashtags bring more traffic to your account. Click on these hashtags to see whether you are featured under top listings. You can also actively interact with others on a particular hashtag and see the level of engagement the users in those hashtags have. You will then know which one to use frequently to grow your account. Test also with the manner in which you share your hashtags. You can have them on your description or on in your comments and see what works for you.

Follow Popular Accounts

This strategy is not that of a secret, but is a reliable way of getting new followers. Once you identify your target audience, you are good to go. Identify popular accounts or rather, influencers in the same niche as you. you can then follow these accounts and also tag them along with your content. Their large following will see your account and some may engage with you. If they don’t engage, then of course unfollow them (best to use an unfollow app to save time).

Pin Your Posts to Pinterest

Apparently, you can pin your Instagram posts to your Pinterest account. Many Instagram users are not aware of this trick. If you do this, you will drive traffic from Pinterest to your Instagram account. You will be drawing followers and as a result, traffic from two platforms.

Incorporate a Custom Location with your Posts

Instagram posts that show a location tend to get a higher level of engagement than those that do not. Individuals identify with such posts since they provide more information regarding a particular post. You can create a custom location for your brand to enable your brand’s name to appear on both the front and the center of your posts.

Attach Your Instagram to Your Website

If you have a website, you can take advantage of it to promote your Instagram account as you also promote the website. Pinning your Instagram posts to your website will no doubt increase your account’s visibility. Individuals who visit your website will more than likely check out your Instagram account. You might get a couple following you on Instagram. In addition to bringing in new followers, these posts will enjoy an extended engagement as more people continue visiting your website.

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