This Go package provides functionality to detect and defend against various forms of debugging tools and virtualization environments. By the way, for quick setup, runĀ install.bat.


  • Triage Detection: Detects if the system is running in a triage or analysis environment.
  • Monitor Metrics: Monitors system metrics to identify abnormal behavior indicative of virtualization.
  • VirtualBox Detection: Detects the presence of Oracle VirtualBox.
  • VMware Detection: Detects the presence of VMware virtualization software.
  • KVM Check: Checks for Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor.
  • Username Check: Verifies if the current user is a default virtualization user.
  • Recent User Activity: Checks user activity; if there are fewer than 20 files, it exits.
  • USB Mount: Checks if a USB was ever plugged into the computer before.


This module includes functions to detect and prevent debugging and analysis of the running process.

  • IsDebuggerPresent: Checks if a debugger is currently attached to the process.
  • Remote Debugger: Detects if a remote debugger is connected to the process.
  • PC Uptime: Monitors system uptime to detect debugging attempts based on system restarts.
  • Check Blacklisted Windows Names: Verifies if the process name matches any blacklisted names commonly used by debuggers.
  • Running Processes: Retrieves a list of running processes and identifies potential malicious ones.
  • Parent Anti-Debug: Detects if the parent process is attempting to debug the current process.
  • Kill Bad Processes: Terminates known malicious processes detected on the system.
  • Detects Usermode AntiAntiDebuggers: Detects user-mode anti-anti-debuggers like ScyllaHide (BASIC).
  • Internet Connection Check: Checks if an internet connection is present.


This module focuses on critical processes that should be monitored or protected.

  • Critical Process: Implements functionality to manage critical processes essential for system operation.
  • SetDebugPrivilege: Grants better permissions.

Quick Nutshell

  • Detects most anti-anti-debugging hooking methods on common anti-debugging functions by checking for bad instructions on function addresses (most effective on x64). It also detects user-mode anti-anti-debuggers like ScyllaHide and can detect some sandboxes that use hooking to monitor application behavior/activity (likeĀ


  • Inspired me to start making this package. Without him, it wouldn’t be here. Check out his GitHub.
  • Provided ideas and much more. Check out his GitHub.
  • I made this because I noticed someone was trying to crack or analyze my other Go programs. Previously, I had many lines of anti-debugging code (I coded lazily and put everything into one), so I wanted to create something quick and reliable that would make a reverse engineer’s life harder. Thus, I made GoDefender.

TODO (V1.0.6 Plans):

  • Check Disk / RAM (If disk size is less than 100GB, exit; and if RAM size is less than 6GB, exit).
  • Flags and artifacts.
  • Execution time is lame, but I guess it can be added as well.
  • Hiding threads through (NtSetInformationThread).
  • Theres probably more, but i cant think of any right now.

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Tamil has a great interest in the fields of Cyber Security, OSINT, and CTF projects. Currently, he is deeply involved in researching and publishing various security tools with Kali Linux Tutorials, which is quite fascinating.

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