HeapInspect : Inspect Heap In Python

HeapInspect : Inspect Heap In Python

HeapInspect is designed to make heap much more prettier. So let us have some of the feature of this tool which will inspect heap in python;

  • Free of gdb and other requirement
  • Multi glibc support
    • 2.19, 2.23-2.27 (currently tested)
    • both 32bit and 64bit
  • Nice UI to show heap
    • HeapShower (detailed)
    • PrettyPrinter (colorful, summary)
  • Heapdiff (working)
  • Corruption detect & exploit analysis (working)
  • Also support gdb (python2 only)

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A quick use of this tool.

You can also use it as a gdb plugin, very useful when pwndbg or other plugins failed to analysis heap.

sed -i “1i source `pwd`/gdbscript.py” ~/.gdbinit # alternatively, you can add that line manually


It does not support gdb python3 for now. Anyone who can make it python3 compatible are welcome.