imR0T – Encryption to Your Whatsapp Contact

imR0T : Send a quick message with simple text encryption to your whatsapp contact and , basically in ROT13 with new multi encryption based algorithm on ASCII and Symbols Substitution.

How To Use imR0T

It’s simple:

# Clone this repository
git clone

# Go into the repository
cd imR0T

# Permission Acces
chmod +x imR0T

# Run the app

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Command Line

help: A standard command displaying help.

imR0T╺─╸[ cli ] > help


	     help       |:| show this message
	     show       |:| show all modules from this tools
	     list style |:| show list style  
	     use        |:| use a module, ex : use [ID] 
	     options    |:| show module options 
	     run        |:| Execute the module 
	     set        |:| Set a value
	     back       |:| Back to main
	     clear      |:| Clear window
	     ls         |:| list directory content
	     cat        |:| read file/standard input
	     pwd        |:| print name of current/working director
	     exit       |:| Exit program


Before using feature send message to your whatsapp contact with text encryption. you must config file inconf/whatsapp.confand add your api key

# Getting API :
# Register in here
# Use your mail or temp mail :P                     

# Setup API KEY
# Example : 
#     - api="CA6DSQ3CLPC6FCQ3CLPC6F"


Video Tutorial


Modifications, changes, or alterations to this sourcecode is acceptable, however, any public releases utilizing this code must be approved by written this tool ( Edo maland ).