Jaeles is a powerful, flexible and easily extensible framework written in Go for building your own Web Application Scanner.


Download precompiled version here.

If you have a Go environment, make sure you have Go >= 1.13 with Go Modules enable and run the following command.

GO111MODULE=on go get github.com/jaeles-project/jaeles

Please visit the Official Documention for more details.

Note: Checkout Signatures Repo for install signature.


#Scan Usage example:
jaeles scan -s -u
jaeles scan -c 50 -s -U -L
jaeles scan -c 50 -s -U
jaeles scan -c 50 -s -U -p ‘dest=xxx.burpcollaborator.net’
jaeles scan -c 50 -s -U -f ‘noti_slack “{{.vulnInfo}}”‘
jaeles scan -v -c 50 -s -U list_target.txt -o /tmp/output
jaeles scan -s -s -u http://example.com
jaeles scan -G -s -s -x -u http://example.com
cat list_target.txt | jaeles scan -c 100 -s

jaeles scan -s ‘jira’ -s ‘ruby’ -u target.com
jaeles scan -c 50 -s ‘java’ -x ‘tomcat’ -U list_of_urls.txt
jaeles scan -G -c 50 -s ‘/tmp/custom-signature/.‘ -U list_of_urls.txt jaeles scan -v -s ‘~/my-signatures/products/wordpress/.‘ -u ‘https://wp.example.com’ -p ‘root=[[.URL]]’
cat urls.txt | grep ‘interesting’ | jaeles scan -L 5 -c 50 -s ‘fuzz/.*’ -U list_of_urls.txt –proxy

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Apache Server Status
Tableau DOM XSS CVE-2019-19719
RabbitMQ Default Credentials
Jenkins XSS CVE-2020-2096

HTML Report Summary

Burp Integration

Planned Features

  • Adding more signatures.
  • Adding more input sources.
  • Adding more APIs to get access to more properties of the request.
  • Adding proxy plugins to directly receive input from browser of http client.
  • Adding passive signature for passive checking each request.
  • Adding more action on Web UI.
  • Integrate with many other tools.