Jaeles is a powerful, flexible and easily extensible framework written in Go for building your own Web Application Scanner.


go get -u github.com/jaeles-project/jaeles


– Scan Mode
– Fuzz Mode

Jaeles – The Swiss Army knife for automated Web Application Testing beta v0.1 by @j3ssiejjj

jaeles [command]

>> Available Commands:
config Configuration CLI
help Help about any command
scan Do the Scan
server Run server

>> Flags:
-c, –concurrency int concurrency (default 20)
–config string config file (default is $HOME/.jaeles/config.yaml)
–debug Debug
-h, –help help for jaeles
–no-output Do not store raw output
-o, –output string output folder name (default “out”)
–proxy string proxy
–refresh int Refresh (default 10)
–retry int retry (default 3)
–rootDir string root Project (default “~/.jaeles/”)
–save-raw save raw request
–scanID string Scan ID
–signDir string signFolder (default “~/.jaeles/signatures-base/”)
–timeout int timeout (default 20)
-v, –verbose Verbose

>> Use “jaeles [command] –help” for more information about a command.

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Scan list of URLs based on signatures

jaeles scan [flags]

-h, –help help for scan
-s, –sign string Provide custom header seperate by ‘;’
–ssrf string Fill your BurpCollab
-u, –url string URL of target
-U, –urls string URLs file of target

Examples Command

#scan all signature for single url
jaeles scan -u http://example.com

#scan phpdebug.yaml signature for list of urls
jaeles scan -s signatures/common/phpdebug.yaml -U /tmp/list_of_urls.txt

#scan all signatures with “aem” prefix for list of urls
jaeles scan –retry 3 –verbose -s “signatures/cves/aem-*” -U /tmp/list_of_urls.txt


Start API Server

jaeles server [flags]

-h, –help help for server
–host string IP address to bind the server (default “”)
-l, –level int16 Provide custom header seperate by ‘;’ (default 1)
–port string Port (default “5000”)
-s, –sign string Provide custom header seperate by ‘;’

Examples Command

#Scan API server on
jaeles server

#Scan API server on with default signature sqli
jaeles –verbose server -s sqli


List Signature with list of Urls

Single Signature with list of Urls

Fuzzing mode with Burp