jsluice++ is an innovative Burp Suite extension that enhances the scanning of JavaScript traffic through both passive and active methods.

By leveraging the jsluice CLI tool, it allows for efficient extraction and analysis of URLs, paths, and secrets from JavaScript files.

This extension seamlessly integrates with Burp Suite, providing a user-friendly interface and adding powerful features to your security toolkit.

 Table Of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Setup
  • Usage
  • Features
    • Monitor URLs
    • Send to Repeater
    • Secrets
    • Secret Notifications
    • Copy URL
    • Positive/Negative Match
    • In-scope only
    • In-line Tags
    • Hide Duplicates
    • Show Parameterized
    • Import/Export
    • Save Settings
  • Contributors


jsluice++ is a Burp Suite extension designed for passive and active scanning of JavaScript traffic using the CLI tool jsluice.

The extension utilizes jsluice’s capabilities to extract URLs, paths, and secrets from static JavaScript files and integrates it with Burp Suite, allowing you to easily scan javascript traffic from Burp Suite’s Sitemap or Proxy while also offering a user-friendly interface for data inspection and a variety of additional useful features



  • jsluice CLI
  • Jython(2.7.3)

if this isn’t your first time installing a jython extension you can skip to step 3.

  1. Visit Jython’s Official Website and download Jython’s standalone JAR
  2. In Burp Suite -> “Extensions” -> “Extensions Settings” -> under “Python environment” select the “Location of Jython standalone JAR file”
  3. Download and install jsluice’s CLI go install github.com/BishopFox/jsluice/cmd/jsluice@latest (ensure that the jsluice binary is in your $PATH otherwise the extension won’t work)
  4. Download jsluicepp.py, then in Burp Suite go to “Extensions” -> “Installed” -> Click “Add” -> under “Extension type” select “Python” -> Select the jsluicepp.py file.


Active Scan

The extension adds an item to Burp Suite’s context menu which allows you to easily process responses from Burp Suite’s Sitemap tab

to do so simply right click any host in the sitemap tree or any item in the sitemap table and select Extensions->jsluice++->Process selected item(s) in Burp Suite’s context menu.

When processing items from the site map tree the extension will get the site map of every selected item (Multiple hosts can be processed)

For more information click here.

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