KDE Applications 19.04 Release

Recently, a new version of KDE Applications was released. It includes 150+ fixes, numerous new updates and fresh options, and several dozens of snaps. Here are the most important improvements.

Dolphin – file manager:

  • Shows thumbnails for MS Office docs, e-books, Blender projects, and PCX files.
  • Opens new tabs with focus right after the active one.
  • Allows choosing which panel to close in the Dual-panel view.
  • Sorts files in folders more carefully, e.g. by the date.
  • Supports interaction with tags through the context menu.
  • Works fine with new versions of SMB.
  • Features numerous fixes of errors and memory leaks.  

Kdenlive – video editor:

  • The timeline supports QML now.
  • Audio and video go to different tracks automatically.
  • The timeline also supports keyboard navigation.
  • Audio recording process features the voice-over option.
  • The support of external monitors BlackMagic returns.
  • Various bug fixes and improved interaction.

Ocular – document viewer:

  • The Print dialog supports elaborate scaling options.
  • Digital signatures for PDF can be viewed and verified.
  • Allows editing LaTeX documents in TexStudio.
  • The Presentation mode has better touchscreen navigation.
  • Links with several lines are displayed correctly in Markdown.

KMail – email client:

  • Checks grammar via languagetools and grammalecte.
  • Supports direct calls through KDE Connect thanks to phone numbers recognition.
  • Can start in the system tray directly without opening the main window.
  • Has better Markdown support.
  • No more stuck issues with IMAP emails in case of login fail.
  • Akonadi has better performance and stability.

Kate – text editor:

  • Shows all invisible characters.
  • Can disable Static Word Wrap for the chosen documents.
  • Gets the fully-functional context menus for files and tabs.
  • Inline Terminal is now displayed by default.
  • Interface and general performance are more seamless now.

Konsole – terminal emulator:

  • Allows opening a new tab by tapping the mouse wheel on an empty part.
  • All tabs display close buttons by default.
  • The Edit Profile dialog has significant improvements.
  • The Breeze color scheme is set by default.
  • Bold text display issues solved!
  • Various symbols including the underline-style cursor look way better.

Gwenview – image viewer:

  • Fully supports touchscreens and gestures!
  • Also supports HiDPI screens!
  • Better support for back and forward mouse buttons.
  • Works fine with Krita files.
  • Supports 512-pixel size for thumbnails.
  • Minor interface and performance improvements.

Spectacle – screenshot capture utility:

  • The Rectangular Region mode expands – it’s possible to save the selection.
  • Allows setting up the running utility by holding PrtScr.
  • Allows choosing the compression level for lossy file formats.
  • Can set filename templates for screenshots.
  • Doesn’t display the choice between monitors when you have only one screen.
  • Supports good performance on Wayland.

Additionally, the version of KDE Applications 19.04 boosts software development in Ukraine and includes improvements for other programs such as KOrganizer, Kitinerary (the Kontact expansion for travelers), Lokalize, KmPilot, Kolf, etc.

Published by Balaji N

Balaji is an Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder - Cyber Security News, GBHackers On Security & Kali Linux Tutorials.