Kirjuri is a simple php/mysql web application for managing physical forensic evidence items. It is intended to be used as a workflow tool from receiving, booking, note-taking and possibly reporting findings.

It simplifies and helps in case management when dealing with a large (or small!) number of devices submitted for forensic analysis. Kirjuri requires PHP7.

See the official Kirjuri home page for more details.

NOTICE: Kirjuri is no longer actively developed since 09/2017, as I don’t have time for this project anymore. If you are interested in developing this tool further, please contact me.

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Kirjuri is developed by Antti Kurittu. It was started at the Helsinki Police Department as an internal tool. Original development released under the MIT license. Some components are distributed with their own licenses, please see folders & help for details.




  • Everyone interested is encouraged to submit code and enhancements. If you don’t feel confident submitting code, you can submit lanugage files and localized lists of devices etc. These will gladly be accepted.