A versatile bash script designed for automating Active Directory enumeration and vulnerability assessment.

By leveraging a curated selection of tools and employing clever techniques like dynamic port forwarding, linWinPwn streamlines the process of gathering evidence in AD environments.

Whether you’re working against time constraints or aiming to minimize footprint, this article introduces you to the setup, modules, and parameters of linWinPwn, empowering you to conduct efficient and effective security assessments.


linWinPwn is a bash script that automates a number of Active Directory Enumeration and Vulnerability checks. The script uses a number of tools and serves as wrapper of them.

Tools include: impacket, bloodhound, netexec, enum4linux-ng, ldapdomaindump, lsassy, smbmap, kerbrute, adidnsdump, certipy, silenthound, and others.

linWinPwn is particularly useful when you have access to an Active Directory environment for a limited time only, and you wish to automate the enumeration process and collect evidence efficiently.

In addition, linWinPwn can replace the use of enumeration tools on Windows in the aim of reducing the number of created artifacts (e.g., PowerShell commands, Windows Events, created files on disk), and bypassing certain Anti-Virus or EDRs.

This can be achieved by performing remote dynamic port forwarding through the creation of an SSH tunnel from the Windows host (e.g., VDI machine or workstation or laptop) to a remote Linux machine (e.g., Pentest laptop or VPS), and running linWinPwn with proxychains.

On the Windows host, run using PowerShell:

ssh kali@<linux_machine> -R 1080 -NCqf

On the Linux machine, first update /etc/proxychains4.conf to include socks5 1080, then run:

proxychains ./linWinPwn.sh -t <Domain_Controller_IP>


Git clone the repository and make the script executable

git clone https://github.com/lefayjey/linWinPwn
cd linWinPwn; chmod +x linWinPwn.sh

Install requirements using the install.sh script (using standard account)

chmod +x install.sh



The linWinPwn script contains 6 modules that can be used either separately or simultaneously.

Default: interactive – Open interactive menu to run checks separately

./linWinPwn.sh -t <Domain_Controller_IP> [-d <AD_domain> -u <AD_user> -p <AD_password> -H <hash[LM:NT]> -K <kerbticket[./krb5cc_ticket]> -A <AES_key> -o <output_dir>]

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